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Life can be a balancing act.
Managing your home’s energy costs shouldn’t be.

Family Energy has been supplying Natural Gas and Electricity to homes across New York State for over a decade. Whether you like the flexibility of a lower daily energy rate or the stability of long-term energy plans, Family Energy has a plan to meet your family’s needs!

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Fixed Green Energy Plan

  • Get Rate Certainty And Stability
  • Get 4 FREE LED Bulbs *
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint *
  • Keep The Same Rate For 5 Full Years

Flat Green Energy Plan

  • Enjoy One Daily Rate
  • No Customer Charge
  • Get 4 FREE LED Bulbs *
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint *

* Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

Help Your Family and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

And while you’re helping your family manage its energy costs, you can feel proud knowing that you’re also helping the environment!

Family’s Green Energy Programs help the environment by offsetting your carbon emissions at no additional cost to you! And Family Energy, in partnership with American Forests, will plant a tree for each customer!

4 FREE Bulbs with your Energy Plan.

Save Energy, and Save The Earth. Enroll in a Family Energy Green Electricity an/or Green Gas Plan and be Eligible to Receive 4 FREE LED light bulbs. See contract Terms and Conditions for details.